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❖Rogue Star❖

What is the game Rogue Star?

We’re making a classic space combat sci-fi adventure mixed with pro-social survival crafting. We’re also planning to enable users to generate their own content and tell their own stories.

Is it a MMO?

No. The experience we’ll deliver is better suited to a finite player count instead of “massively multiplayer.” 

How will Rogue Star compete with other space sci-fi games that have the “same” features of ships, combat, exploration, crafting, quests, puzzles, multiplayer, etc.?

We see the industry as broken in terms of delivering value to players. Part of how we want to shape Rogue Star is around respecting players for their time and interest and money. We want you to enjoy the full game experience without spending a ton of money or time to be able to play the content. Even if other games had our features, we would be different in how we’ll operate the live game service and the features that we add over time.

What are the plans for digital collectibles in Rogue Star?

Like many modern games, we support digital collectibles. Unlike most modern games, we believe in player ownership and letting players do more with their items. In order to do this safely and affordably, we’re implementing some web 3 technology. Our players don’t need to care about that, they just need to know this tech allows them to trade gear and loot with other players. Players don’t need an external digital wallet for the game unless they want one. We’ve said publicly that our NFTs were different, more like a content subscription, and that we don’t encourage anyone buying them as a financial investment. We know the mindset for many NFT buyers is to make quick money, but that was never our project. For players that want to use the NFTs they bought to enhance their game experience, we’ll do right by you and do our best to delight you.

Why would you choose a technology that risks the community mistakenly perceiving digital collectibles as pay-to-win?

We see this technology as a way to give consumer power back to players. If that means we take on some risk we think that’s worth it as long as we can prove the real value we can bring to gamers. We feel that as long as we focus on making a good game first, many people won’t notice or even care if we use web 3 in the backend to power some unique player features.

When can I use my early backer capital ship in the game?

We designed capital ships to be a later-game experience, and remember that ships were just a portion of the Hyperium Star Pass, which in total contains early-game value too. We still plan to release many vertical slices of the product as we continue development. One of those vertical slices will be capital ship gameplay, in which you will be able to use your Hyperium Star Pass capital ship. We don’t yet have a date when that will happen. We’re still working on funding options that would impact our production schedule. Once we know what our production schedule looks like, we’ll share a new timeline for vertical slice demos. In terms of having a game that’s live and running 24/7, that’s what we call Early Access, which is likely to be 2024. We can’t overstate how much we appreciate the early support from everyone who bought a Hyperium Star Pass! But whether you are a capital ship owner or not, you’re all top of mind and we hope to surprise all of you with some really awesome stuff moving forward.

When can I use my early backer capital ship in multiplayer PvE or PvP?

Multiplayer was a major focus for us last year, and continues to be a large part of our development pipeline. While we work towards Early Access, our vertical slices will eventually contain an array of multiplayer experiences, including PvE and PvP. As these vertical slices roll out, owners of our Star Passes will be able to use their content in limited engagement releases. As soon as we have a roadmap that goes into more detail about the order of our vertical slices we’ll be sure everyone knows!

What happened to Mods and developer discussions on your Discord server?

We still have Mods in our Discord, but the 2022 shift in leadership also saw the loss of our initial community manager. Our development ethos requires us to engage with community members for feedback, so at appropriate timing throughout development we’ll return to carving out more opportunities for interaction on our Discord. The responses we had at GDC 2023 from everyone who played our PvE Combat Demo proved that we’re still making a great game. We want to maintain that focus while being more inclusive on Discord in the coming months.

❖Callsign Games❖

How does the team allocate its time?

We currently juggle development along with exploring funding options, maintaining communication among ourselves and known future key hires, and keeping up with tech and industry changes. Currently the simple math of being a small team and not being full-time means we can’t currently do everything as efficiently as we’d like.

What’s up with the change in studio leadership in 2022?

A major shift due to the 2022-2023 market changes was the leadership for Rogue Star. The important thing to know is that the product leadership is intact and even more focused on making an awesome game for everyone.

I heard you have a second game in development. Why a second title so soon?

Our other game is a passion project on the side that was already deep in development before Rogue Star began. We stick with it because we like it and because we hope it demonstrates to business partners our depth as creators. A separate project sometimes also illuminates different technical solutions and collaboration methods.

❖Working With Us❖

How can I apply to Callsign Games as a developer?

We are not seeking to expand the development team at this time. We’ll announce publicly when this changes. Thank you for your interest!

How can I discuss a new partnership with Callsign Games?

We are not able to consider new partnerships at this time. We’ll announce publicly when this changes.

How can I apply to Callsign Games as a community moderator?

We may or may not be seeking additional community moderators at the time you read this. We’ll announce publicly when we’re accepting applicants. In the meantime please get to know us and let us get to know you at

How can I volunteer at Callsign Games as a game translator or other localization role?

We are not seeking to fill community localization roles at this time. We’ll announce publicly when this changes. You will have ample time to apply if you occasionally check our channels. In the meantime, perhaps consider offering your bilingual skills to other projects. All of your localization experience will be relevant to us, whether games or otherwise, volunteer or paid.