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Rogue Star

Rogue Star – Dev Update

Greetings Wanderers!
With February quickly coming to an end we wanted to address a couple of things. We have been silent for a while but for good reason. Internal changes and change of leadership doesn’t come easy nor quickly. However, with all that in the rear mirror we are now excited to continue developing the story of Rogue Star. Before mentioning the upcoming chapter of this epic space adventure, we’ll go back in time and take a look at all the great things we’ve accomplished in the previous year.

The development of Rogue Star started with an idea 💡 from  Dan (aka KingLord), who aspired to build the game he had always wanted to play but nobody was developing. Those of us who shared his vision and got inspired by him embarked on the journey to develop Rogue Star.

Q1 2022 – And So It Begins

  • The start of an epic era begins. Building a world class community of gamers out there!
  • Release the “Racing Demo” for all players to enjoy.
  • Whitelist allocation, fun games and activities for our community to enjoy..
  • Expansion of the game studio.

Q2 2022 – Release and More

  • Rogue Star placed 2nd in the Solana Riptide Hackathon, Gaming Track.
  • Release of the Combat Demo, the second public playable.
  • We hosted a well received Combat Demo tournament with insane prizes (a whopping $3000 prize pool). No McLaren or Lambo were given away…
  • Release day! Overlapping with the attendance at NYC, the timing was hectic but we powered through it to get these special Digital Collector’s Editions to our players hands. We are incredibly proud of our first release and how it proudly pushes the boundaries of Digital Collector’s Editions.

Q3 2022 – Staking and Store

  • A first pass of the Rogue Star Battle Pass was developed to bring more value to our players.
  • Customized NOVA staking launched October 27th at
  • Rogue Store launched October 27th at, where you can use the NOVA earned from staking to buy in-game cosmetic items.

Q4 2022 – IMX Collaboration and Ongoing Growth Behind the Scenes

  • Rogue Star partners up with one of the biggest companies in the blockchain space, Immutable X. This to support our technological needs.
  • The team flew to Gamescom, Germany, to establish new business relationships and make sure the world knows about Rogue Star.
  • Since we are all about honesty and transparency, here’s a detailed look of what went down behind the scenes.

Behind the Scenes – Gamescom

  • Gamescom participation was discussed with partners and we started to develop a custom game build for Gamescom. Time for development was very short and the quality of the build wasn’t within our target level
  • The final decision was to have a presence at Gamescom from a B2B standpoint and reuse development parts for the next build
  • Since the studio’s focus was directed towards a custom build for Gamescom, web development became a pain point. By this time we had hoped to have a website that better served our needs.
  • Due to the shift in focus we ended up further from the roadmap that we had previously published, lessons learned, previous mistakes are taken into account when planning ahead..

Behind the Scenes, PvE Demo

  • After Gamescom a new goal for the PVE demo was set.
  • The demo was tailored more towards highlighting the ships, the different RPG elements and how the feel is when playing Rogue Star.
  • Development was slowed down due to reorganization of the development team.
  • Multiplayer got paused. Focus was shifted towards a single player experience. A multiplayer build is still in the pipeline since it’s a vital stepping stone for the Rogue Star experience.
  • Item persistence across milestones: Our intention is for all items earned in demos to be kept in the player account and usable when the game officially launches

Development delays and ad-hoc changes were attempted to catch the many opportunities that were presented to us. We have now learned that we can’t catch them all (no pun intended).. On top of this another major change that has happened behind the scenes is a company reform. This means we’ve made major changes within the company structure and leadership.

What to Expect from 2023

Okay Wanderer, you’ve come this far, great job. Now, what can you as a gamer expect out of us in the following months?

Rogue Star:

  • Game Developer Conference (GDC)
    • The team behind Rogue Star will attend the yearly Game Developers Conference at San Francisco at the end of March. More precisely March 20th – March 23. If you will be there, make sure to reach out to us so we can chat and give you a sneak peek of what we are building!
  • PVE Demo – internal release to “Group 0”
    • Group 0 = Project team members
    • Internal testing and bug fixing – we do not want to ship something we do not like to play and that doesn’t have something crunchy and new for players.
  • Consistent status reports
  • Rogue Star Streams
    • Will start to have game streaming and moderated chill discussion in Voice Chat
    • Team streams – the team might stream about what they do and what they work on
  • PVE Demo – “Group 1”
    • Group 1 = Selected members of the community are invited to play test our new playable experience!
  • PVE Demo – “Group 2”
    • Group 2 = Anyone on the web 👍
    • Content creators and holders of our Digital Collector’s Edition (Star Pass) will get the game first and have the possibility to stream and publish content early.
    • PVE Demo available for everyone

One thing that is crucial to understand is that without you, the player, we are nothing. We appreciate you all and look forward to showing you even more of what we’ve done behind the scenes.


Will Star Passes still be usable?

  • Absolutely. They are equivalent to a Digital Collector’s Edition and are therefore not only a premium collectors item but also comes with several in-game perks for those that chose to support us early on.

Is the plan to still release a game?

  • We are heads down in development. Our goal is to deliver an action packed Sci-fi ARPG that players can enjoy for generations. An experience that you can enjoy alone or with friends–an immersive experience that you can help shape with input to the team as we work on features going forward.

What Is NOVA?

  • NOVA is our premium currency. Think of gems or gold in other games that are used for purchasing cosmetics or one time useables.

Who is developing Rogue Star?

  • Callsign Games. We have renamed and rebuilt the studio for scalability (previously called Rize Games). The same core dev team is intact and brings experience from past games work as previously stated (League of Legends, TFT, Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XV: A.N.E., Gods Unchained, Pathfinder, Defiance, others).

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